One Day or Day One

My scale has found a new temporary home.  OK, well it’s not out of our bathroom, but I did prop it up against the wall.  Previously it was right in the middle of the room.  The scale mocks you from it’s position in front of the mirror, so not only do you weigh yourself (wearing as little as possible), but you get to look at yourself in the mirror at the same time.  Yay me.  But I moved it out of the way to limit my scale check-ins.  Seemed to work.

I realized that I had forgotten to post last weeks clinic visit, so here it is.

The results were pretty good.  The only advice the doctor gave me was to ramp up my physical fitness [insert groan here], so it looks like I have to get on the treadmill again [insert sigh here].  BUT my girlfriend, over at Timeless Harmony Salon & Spa recently posted about HotYoga Georgina and I remembered that I’ve always wanted to try Hot Yoga.  So, as Ananda Yoga Studios says, One day or Day one, you decide.  Time to drop in and see what it’s all about.

My progress has been awesome (-15.5 lb I started practicing the metabolic plan on Jan. 2, 2017), I’m constantly challenged to make healthy (and tasty) meals and stay on track.

I’m really looking forward to “Date Weekend” with my husband (our youngest is away, staffing at a Biathlon competition) and the workshop I’m hosting at Timeless Harmony Salon & Spa this weekend.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”


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