How to make the mason jar salad

What a fabulous weekend!  Candy store visits, movies, food and mason jar salads.

Saturday was spent with my husband, we celebrated Valentines Day early.  From seeing a long-time friend for lunch, a mountain top trek (O.K. it was Hamilton mountain, but it’s still mountain) to the best candy store ever,, seeing John Wick 2 and ending with a spicy dinner at our favourite hakka restaurant.  But overall the best valentines gift we gave each other, was time. [insert huge gushy grin here]

Sunday was all about and presenting my workshop on how to prepare Mason Jar Salads.  Believe it or not, I have a hard time with nerves before public speaking.  You know that feeling, the one where your stomach gets caught in your throat?  That’s me.  On the day I have to present I’ve been known to come down with rare diseases (or at least that’s what I claim), my car broke down (not always a lie) or “something” will have come up that takes priority … like … laundry, or dishes.  The real important stuff.  But speaking at last weekends event was awesome.  The ladies were welcoming and they asked great questions.  Best public speaking event for me, ever!  There are several videos of me presenting.

Preparing the Asian Salad, Greek Salad and the guests getting involved.

In addition, when I got home, I prepared  Caesar salad in mason jars and took a video.  This one isn’t in fast-motion, so you can get an idea of how long it takes to make the salads.  Keep in mind that all preparation (cooking the chicken, chopping vegetables or measuring ingredients) is done ahead of time.  I love this part of the salads.

Then on Monday, I got a great tip for Chef Devan.  I was watching Breakfast Television and the guest was Chef Devan, he was teaching Dina how to de-seed a pepper.  After watching the segment, I went into the kitchen and practiced this new (to me) technique.  Crazy, how easy it was.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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