I’ve combined weeks 3 & 4, mostly because I was too busy last week to set aside the time to really write about the fasting experience. But the other reason was because I actually went up in weight on week 3. Mother nature played a role in that and the change in workload (re-deployment) I missed two workouts. But the overall 4 week total was acceptable, read on to find out the pros and cons, as they relate to my experience with alternate day fasting. Also, I’ll show you how I made these Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites you see here.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites

Progress Update

On day 15 (May 17, 2020) , I was 191.6LB and when I weighed in on the morning of day 28, I was 189.8LB. For a total loss of 1.8LB. For a total loss in May of 7.7LB. WOOT!

What did I do?

DAY 15: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 16: Fasting
DAY 17: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 18: Fasting
DAY 19: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 20: Fasting
DAY 21: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 22: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 23: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 24: Fasting
DAY 25: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 26: Fasting
DAY 27: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 28: Eating 12PM TO 7PM

Fasting Days

On the fasting days, I still enjoy my coffee, in the morning, tea during the day, water with lemonade MIO and in the evening ….. my regular coffee but now with Collagen. Also, if you have a blender or magic bullet, something that will crush ice, you should try this hack: I fill the blender with the ice, add some water (not too much, trying to make a thick slush) and some flavour i.e. Mio or Kool-aid sugar free. blend/crush and VOILA you have a sugar-free slushy. Made me feel like I was eating. Plus super great idea on those hot days.

Eating Days

I stuck to the calendar I posted two weeks ago, since I had already made the adjustments around my work-out schedule. With the left over steak, I made a delicious sesame ginger stir-fry; adding peppers, mushrooms and onions.

In addition, I doubled up my Chili recipe, which is normally enough for two meals, and was able to freeze several servings for another time. The sausage with butter fried cabbage is always a hit (not if you ask Sebastien, he’s not a cabbage fan). Burgers don’t happen on the fly, mostly because I make our buns, see the recipe here by Diet Doctor, and they take time. Worth it, but it means I have to remember to start the buns at least an hour before we want to eat. Also, I forgot this time, but it’s good to toast the buns, makes them less “crumpet-like” texture. All in all, an easy two weeks of eating, due to the planning ahead that went into preparing for this fast.

I was craving something sweet so decided to give these Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites a try. They were good, more of a bred like texture than the chewy pretzel, but I’ll keep trying new recipes. Overall, they disappeared pretty quickly so the approval rating was pretty high.


I really only worked out twice in the those two weeks, luckily my husband stepped up and joined classes! Add to that, my son Sebastien has been walking with me. I’ve even started using the app Strava, which my husband has been talking about for some time. Look for me on the app, I’d be happy to share progress with you.

The Verdict

While I did enjoy the Pros of Alternate Day Fasting (ADF), I will be going back to my regular eating pattern. This means 16/8. Which translates to 16hrs of fasting and an 8 hour window to eat. That doesn’t mean that I pull a chair up to my fridge at noon and stay there until 8, but rather it’s the time where I can enjoy healthy eating.

Looking forward to the next week and settling back into my routine, but with some new tools, no eating after 8pm and a greater appreciation for doubling up on meals to lesson the time in the kitchen. See you next week!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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2 thoughts on “ALTERNATE DAY FASTING – WEEKS 3 & 4

  1. Hi! Love the info, thanks! Helps me prep to finally get fasting (intermittent fasting, that is).That said, I was wondering if you had any current suggestions for good books/resources to learn more about the diet? I recognize its existed for a few years, and I like doing my research before starting a fresh diet simply because I have difficulties with yo-yo dieting or being tricked by too-good-to-be-true weight loss plans.I’ve heard a few people talk about the Eat Stop Eat e-book on another site I read – The blog in question is PPC btw, google “Pushpedalcrank Eat Stop Eat” if curious.Have you read that/checked that out? If so, How did you like it?It seems like a good guide to purchase from the review, but I’m still on the fence.What I’m primarily looking for is a guide that WORKS, and I imagine I’m prepared to go to the next step with doing my research so I can commit to a proper diet. Eat Stop Eat seems excellent in her review, and every thing that helps me succeed at IF is exciting, but you appear educated and I was hoping you could weigh in. Thanks again for the information! Hope your health and goals are going great. J.J. out.

    1. Hi J.J. Sorry the late response, what with summer, Covid and vacations, I’ve been offline for most of the summer. I haven’t been using a book, but I have been going through many YouTube pages, specifically KetoRewind. Jess is fantastic! Watching her go through the process, her results and thorough feedback has been a real inspiration to me.

      What started out as something to “try” has turned into a way of eating for both my husband and I. I’d be happy to chat if you want more information. Message me at

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