Christmas list with a boost

It’s almost that time and just yesterday I told someone that I was 75% done my Christmas shopping.  They responded with “what?” and “already?”.  Now, I know that I’m not unique (at least not in this instance) when it comes to early shopping.  There are many out there that are just as eager to get the list all checked off, which leads me to this post, the List. I’d like to share with you some ideas that I have around my Christmas list and especially the stocking stuffers.

The List

Since 2008 I’ve kept a spreadsheet that tracks each person’s gifts, including stocking stuffers and in some cases ages (great for kids).  I improved this list to include colour coding (had I ordered it, was it in my closet or was it something I had to go to the store for) and a tab for stocking stuffer ideas.

I have found that it makes it easier for me to see the big picture, to get an idea of who and what I’m buying for my friends and family.  When my children were younger it was a great way to make sure that I kept the gifts equal, they were no Dudley Dursley (sneaking in a Harry Potter reference) but I wanted to be sure I was being fair to each of my sons.

Stocking Stuffers

I LOVE stocking stuffers; I always have and so have my sons.  If asked they will say “it’s the best part of Christmas”.  Initially the stuffed socks were at the fireplace, then they were at the tree and for a time I set them outside their bedroom doors (this was during my “I just need some sleep” phase).

Why do they love their stockings?  Because I have a formula, not rocket science level, but a working formula none the less.  Each stocking will have the following:

  • Something to eat or drink (double or triple this one)
  • Something fun
  • Something to read
  • A tech thingy
  • A health/beauty item
  • Clothing and/or
  • Gift and/or
  • Gift card

Stuffers that I have used in the past (no affiliation, no payment to me, just being nice 😊) or close to it, the full list is in the downloaded spreadsheet.

SOMETHING TO EAT OR DRINKSomething funA tech thingy

Lindor Chocolates (may favorites are salted milk chocolate, hint hint)
Temporary tattoos for kids

Apple charger
(I have one from last year and love it)

Terry’s Orange

Temporary tattoos for adults

Gear Ties

Quality Street

Silly Putty/slime

Cell phone stand

Popcorn seasoning

Flash Cards (language, learning)

Mini Power Bar (great for travel)

Bacon Seasoning
(we all know that everything tastes better with bacon)

Bath Bombs (not just for adults :))

Ear Bud Organizer
A health/beauty itemGiftSomething to read/Clothing

Jump Rope

Dip Holders (great for the car)

(by interests like sports, brands or cars)

Work out bands

Key Chain
(personalized, sports, cars)

(themes like sports, cartoons or TV shows)

Body Soap

Colouring Book

(by interests like sports, tattoos, cottages, cars, or animals)

Sugar Scrub

Licence Plate Frame

Puzzle Books

Gift card (last but … yeah it is the least, but it’s a good filler if you don’t really know what they will like)

My gift to you

I realized that not everyone uses this type of formula or spreadsheet, so I decided to post it here on my blog, feel free to download and customize.  I’ve put in 2022 (with sample entries to show you how I fill it out), what I do at the beginning of the season is copy the year template tab and rename it to the next year, that way I have it ready (it’s all in the details).


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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