I was ambitions to think that I could report on a daily basis the comings and goings of our experience with alternate day fasting. Not the least of which, how deflating it can be to weigh yourself daily. After a fasting day, the scale “loves” me but after an eat day, not so much. But the overall results are great! Plus I have my partner in crime, my son Sebastien, on this journey with me!

Working out with a partner

Progress Update

How did I do? I say “I” because my son does not wish to share his results. On day 1 (May 3, 2020) , I was 197.5LB and when I weighed in on the morning of day 8, I was 192.8LB. For a total loss of 4.7LB. WOOT!

What did I do?

DAY 1: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 2: Fasting
DAY 3: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 4: Fasting
DAY 5: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 6: Fasting
DAY 7: Eating 12PM TO 7PM

Fasting Days

On the fasting days, I enjoy my coffee, in the morning, a random tea (thanks to my neighbor and friend Jeannette for gifting me her collection of teas), water with lemonade MIO and in the evening ….. my regular coffee but now with Collagen.  Jessica, over at Keto Rewind, was right.  There is no flavour or consistency change to adding this to your coffee.  I still have some heavy cream & sweetener with mine, working on cutting that out.  That is it.  I am still really enjoying the Kitchen Freedom phenomenon that goes along with this way of eating.

Eating Days

I am mostly sticking to the calendar I posted, but had to change it bit, see the re-post picture below, because things did change. Since I made so much Butter Chicken, we only needed that, plus the lasagna to make up the weeks eating. Alternating them as lunch. You would think that food boredom would kick in, not so. When you don’t eat for 41hrs, you will pretty much think everything you eat is a culinary masterpiece. Then on Saturday Sebastien ordered pizza (he’d been craving the spicy potatoe pizza from Pizzaville) and I made Martin and I the fat head pizza, see Wholesome Yum for their recipe. Oh and we had wings too! Yummy.

Updated Meal Plan

My Keto Meal Plan – Alternate Day Fasting


I know. We all know. I don’t really enjoy exercise. At least not when I know that I’m doing it. Taking a walk in the evening with my husband or visiting 4 grocery stores on a Saturday, no problem. But actually setting aside a workout time. Ugh. Enter Faye. This lady is amazing. Before Covid-19, I attended her once a week band workout (the elastic kind) and I loved it. It is not always “fun”, but I know how I feel afterwards (accomplished) so that drove me to keep going. Well, Faye did not let something like Covid-19 stop her from running these fantastic classes. We now have Zoom classes TWICE a week. They are just as physically challenging and still allow us all to “see” each other. She’s even introduced weights (dumbbells or in the case below kettle-bells) into our routine.

I will continue to post this fasting journey. Everyone take care and be safe!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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