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We’ve all heard the saying “do what you love” but it’s not always easy to apply that advice. I love playing Elder Scrolls Online and I love baking, but neither of those will lead to me earning money (spending yes). But the funniest thing happened last weekend and I’d like to tell you about it.


While visiting my son and his fiancé (Caro) in Quebec last week, I had an interesting chat with Caro about creating Social Media content. As a backstory, I have been created Social Media content for a youth group for several years, as well as helping out my close friend with some posts for her business. So I have some experience in this line of work. Caro came to me, all excited, about creating prints, in Canva, to sell on Etsy. She had done her homework, having learned about a site that would show you what people are looking for on Etsy. I started thinking about this and did some google searches. I found some information that really helped, especially around designing, with the main concept that you need to create all your posts from scratch. After plugging away for many hours I completed my first Social Media Template, called My Dad that includes a total of 25 custom social media posts for Father’s Day.

social media templates

Once started, it was hard to hold back. I started thinking, well that covers Father’s Day, but we have Graduations, Canada Day and Independence Day coming up too. I set to work creating those templates and was having so much fun. At one point my husband asked “but is there a market for this, can you make any money”? I shrugged, not sure, but I really love doing it. Maybe it will lead to my side-hustle, thanks Chris Guillebeau from Side Hustle School and his blog, which is full of inspiring ideas.

Obscure holidays

I had no idea that June 26 was Beautician’s Day. Did you? Well, I decided to create a set of Social Media posts just for this awesome day. I shared this with my close friend, Katie from Timeless Harmony Salon & Spa and she gave it a thumbs up! Plus she also provided some well received feedback and suggestions as to how I could grow this passion, so stay tuned!


I’ve really enjoyed making these templates and I will continue to develop new ones. I’m not choosing a new career, I’m just expanding a part of my creative side and hopefully it will be useful to people. Oh and the bonus for me? I got to make my logo for Plan the Journey.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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