Comfort food & Low CArb, wait … WHAT?

Who would have believed it, but yes, you can have comfort food and it can be low in carbohydrates. I’ve spent the last few months researching and creating recipes that both taste good and have low carbs. There have been many successes, like the lasagna stuffed Portobello mushrooms, creamy chicken with bacon and of course Zucchini cheese casserole. But yesterday I made chili and cornbread, that my family LOVED.

Butter Bob’s Famous Chili

Butter Bob

I started following Lesley Tee’s low carb Facebook page, a friend of a friend and she posted this recipe by Butter Bob for his Famous Chili. I knew that I’d make it. Why? Well, I love chili and what I really love about it had just been removed. Beans. How do you possibly make chili without them? But Beans are not a low carb option. So how could this taste good without them? I watched Butter Bob’s video, noting the differences on the chalkboard and the recipe instructions (sausage and onions). I figured that I could easily make this recipe, with some modifications (I know, I hate when people do that but I made the changes because of personal taste and grocery store limitations).

Chili & Jalapeno Cheddar Bread

The Chili recipe

While I was fully expecting to love this recipe, my family was another story. They have not always been big fans of Chili. But they are also very forgiving of my “creative” cooking and will try (and eat) everything I make. Even the Black Olive Burgers, *shiver*, although they still like to remind me of my biggest recipe fails. However, they scraped their bowls clean and the compliments flowed. WINNER!

NOTE you will see that on the ingredient list, I added Jalapeno peppers as the last item, this is actually a small jar of pickled jalapenos. My son, Sebastien, had the idea of adding them as a topping to the chili. WOW, what an awesome idea.

Keto Cornbread

But I wanted to add a side to this dish and so, I searched for a low carb cornbread recipe. I found Keto Cornbread, by Cast Iron Keto. I followed this recipe exactly and used both cheddar and Jalapenos as the optional ingredients. As you’ll see in the image below, I only put jalapenos on half, you can do this if you are serving to someone that doesn’t like the spicy pepper. Also, you will note that there is some parsley visible on the top of the bread, this is from the Lawry’s Garlic Salt with Parsley (every time I know someone is travelling to the USA I ask them to bring some back to Canada since we can’t get it here).

Keto Cornbread with cheddar & jalapenos


I mentioned this above and I cannot stress how awesome the Lawry’s Garlic seasoning is. We use it on so many things. There are several sizes, but I suggest the 33oz, it’s just around $20 vs the 6oz for $18.

See below for a link to what I purchased.

We’ll be adding these recipes to our “frequently made” list.


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