Covid 19lb, it’s a real thing

After being home for over a year, with no routine of “moving-around”, this Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a gain. On the scale that is. Both my husband and I have put on the pounds this year and are looking for a way to get back on track. With that said, my first step is to tell someone about it. I choose to tell you.

Karenlee and Martin
I have to be honest, this is a WAY better photo of Martin than it is of me!

What Happened?

The reason is not food. Honestly I have continued to make my meals as low carb as possible during the pandemic. But what I saw happening is that the carbs started to creep in. There were more “it’s ok to have a bowl of cereal” or “McDonalds is fine, it’s Friday”. Believe it or not, that was not the issue. A contributing factor, yes, but not the elephant in the room. That award goes to lack of movement. Since the beginning of Covid-19 there has been no walking around the office, going up the stairs, walking to/from my car, going to cadets, going … anywhere. You would think that during this pandemic, Covid-19 would have given me the time to focus more on this blog, however it seems that another thing happened, it allowed me to focus more on video games. Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) to be more specific. I’ve leveled up, tweaked my character builds, met new friends, took on new challenges (dungeons & trials) but playing games is stationary.

Exercising with a red x

The Plans

My husband has a plan. It’s a great plan. But it is his plan. So, what is my plan? I’d like to start walking my dog every morning, it’s so easy to just let her out in our back yard, but getting back on track isn’t always easy. One walk! A Simple way to get back on plan and it doesn’t take up a lot of time. After that, I’d like to layer back in my husbands short burst workouts. About half way through the Covid-19 pandemic, my husband introduced me to this quick “YouTube” find. They were fun and energizing. The trick is to always be in workout gear, not a problem now that we both work from home, so there shouldn’t be any excuses. I really hope he doesn’t read this today (I know, that’s a first) because I just know he’ll come find me and say “back, butt or legs today”? He makes me smile!

The Food

I’ve mentioned that my food is on track and it really is. But a friend of mine asked me for some keto friendly deserts and snack ideas. I didn’t just want to send a bunch of links, because unless I’ve made them, I don’t recommend them. Plus, my friend is the baker/chef of the family so the recipe has to be good.



Let me start with the Crispy Chicken Wings, I was on a mission to find VERY crispy chicken wings and this recipe does not dissappoint. When cooked, we split into separate bowls and season as we want. I like lemon pepper, my husband likes … anything that doesn’t come prepackaged. He likes to toss in lots of different spices. We usually have a Franks one too. We’ve also done sugar free BBQ sauce, these are great also. Here is the site for the Chicken Wings.

For the Omelette Cups, well it seems that I wrote about this back in 2018, so all you have to do is visit this link: to find out what I did. I know that the article states “Better than breakfast muffins” but honestly, these are great any time of day.

Finally the best of all. Pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza. This is a great one, especially for the picky eaters (you know who you are). I make the crust following this recipe:

I make this pizza at least once a month, sometimes more. Usually I make up about 12-20 crusts at a time. I make mine super thin, using a 10 Inch Tortilla Press (you can buy this on Amazon, mine is cast iron and is amazing). Using a scale, I weigh my dough to make sure that the crusts are all the same size. Then I cover my press with parchment (I bought circle parchment off of Amazon too), place my ball of dough in the press and voila, I have a thin pizza crust.

You can see how I press the dough by checking out this TikTok video of mine, however I made chili pockets with the dough, not pizza. Just a demo of how I use the press.

You can see how I make the pizza by checking out my TikTok video

Low Carb Delicious Pizza


I need to come up with a list of the deserts that I’ve tested and are on our rotation. Maybe a post of all the recipes I’ve enjoyed? Hmm.. that’s a thought.

But what is next for me? I need to beat back the Covid-19 weight gain. Fasting. With the kids gone from the house (one in Quebec and the other in Alberta), it’s much easier to not cook for 48hrs, than it was before. My husband is an excellent chef and can whip up meals in my “kitchen absence”. I’ve found that it’s a great way to kick-start my metabolism.

Do what works for you, I’m still trying to figure that out and doing my best to tell my story.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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