Dieting for over 30 years

I joked with my husband today, saying that I could write a book, about this journey (I’m blogging so that counts). He asked about a time when I was happy with a weight loss tool. My first response was with Weight Watchers, I lost a significant amount of weight and I was super proud of myself. However I gained it back. His next question was “what about Curves”, yes I did that too. This got me thinking. I had done these things and more …

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Stop telling me about it and tell me how to do it!

I love food.  I talk about food, alot.  I believe that you can add descriptive words to make someone want to eat what you are making.  For instance, lemon pepper chicken wings turns into crispy chicken wings seasoned with tangy lemon pepper, will get more people to the table.  But if you are hungry, I guess just saying “dinner is ready” works well too.

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