The Hunger Scale


So this morning I was listening to my audio book while working on Sea Cadet social media activities and my book ended. I didn’t want to start a new book (only allowed 5 books a month and I’m at 4, I need to save one for the train). So I checked out a new podcast, Waist Away, The Chantel Ray Way and heard some pretty neat stuff.

Eat when you’re hungry

Do you ever hear something and think, WOW, that totally makes sense. While listening to Chantel’s podcast there were a few of those moments. I’m only on episode 7, so I’m sure I’ll have more of those. Early on in the podcast Chris Sykes and Chantel talk about being hamster hungry (you don’t want to get to this point, go listen if you want more information). But basically it’s where you will eat everything, gorging on all the stuff that you know is not good fuel for your body, but you are unable to think straight. Been there! Honestly, who can say that they haven’t, at some point, been either unable or unwilling to eat for too long a stretch of time. Then, when you open the “hunger-gate” (oh, that’s a good one) you stuff everything into your mouth. But here’s the question, how do you feel afterwards? Uncomfortable, sick and probably ashamed.

Eat when you’re hungry, not at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. WHAT? That is crazy. Or is it? I loved this one thing that Chantel said “wait a couple hours after the growl”. Why? Because when you are hungry, you are burning fat. Cool.

The Hunger Scale

  • 0 Hungry Hungry Hippo Hungry (also called Hamster Hungry)
  • 1 Stomach Growling
  • 2 Hungry
  • 3 Neutral
  • 4 Satisfied
  • 5 Stuffed

So, the goal is to eat slowly, until you get to a hunger 3 or 4 (not sure yet, I’m new to the podcast). While I may not agree with everything that Chantel or her guests may say, I think that I’m getting something out of this. It’s making me think and that’s a good thing.

Mail order food

I tried one of those mail order food services, Hello Fresh, for a couple of weeks. I’ve been very skeptical of this in the past, I mean, I love to cook and felt that ordering your food/recipes was a bit excessive. But, I decided to try it and I’m so glad that I did. My first order included a recipe for Chipotle Chili and OMG it is delicious. It included ingredients that I would not normally add to my chili, like poblano peppers, zucchini, chipotle powder and taco seasoning.


I’ve made it several more times, everyone that tries it, loves it. We did another order, but because I didn’t get my choices selected on time, the software chose three “low-carb” meals for me, but all were salad based. No thanks. While the price is reasonable, the options for low-carb meals are too few. Maybe I’ll try another service.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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