Let the games begin

He has thrown down the gauntlet.  He has issued the challenge and I have … well, it’s not like he was challenging me.  But nevertheless, I have accepted the challenge.

My darling husband (DH) sent me a text message this morning and it read:


Wait, that means we will be doing this until Christmas.  Darn it!

The Food

But what will we be eating?  Luckily I made a batch of Keto Kings bread (I made the dough in my breadmaker) but then formed the dough into bagels and and baked them in the oven. These will make a great lunch ideas.  With each bagel coming in at 3 net carbs, add the egg, small bit of onion and cheese for a total of 4 net carbs. You could also make a sandwich using low carb deli meats, lettuce and mayo.

_Breakfast Sandwich Low Carb 1250

Want to make this sandwich?  Super easy.  Here is the bread recipe that I followed from The Keto King.  What did I do differently?  I used my bread maker to make the dough, then pulled it out and formed 12 bagel shapes.  Baking them in my oven for 22 min at 350°C.  I made the egg filling in a small ramekin.  First spraying the dish with coconut oil, add the egg (I didn’t mix it, but did break the yolk), microwave for 1 min.  Top with a bit of onion and cheese, microwave for an additional 30 sec.  That is it.  Super simple.

My inspiration

Together we are taking on this challenge.  If you haven’t read my previous posts you may have missed my many mentions of my DH.  He is my inspiration.  Often finding articles or websites that support the path that we are on. He keeps me on track.  By reminding me why we are doing this. To be healthy. He motivates me.  My DH tells me that I can do it, that he has faith in my path. He encourages me.  Each time I come up with a new recipe, he tries it.  Even eating my “burnt” cookies. This is going to be fun!

Challenge accepted (2)


Eating low carb of course. I’ll need to create my meal plan this weekend.  But for me it’s about keeping it simple.  Making few larger meals and enjoying the leftovers.  Like Butter Bobs chili or the breakfast bites.  Hope you enjoyed reading about our healthy journey!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”