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Repost: March 4, 2016

No I am not re-posting last week’s weigh in.

Week 9 Weigh in

This, my friends, is what happens when you set an un-attainable goal. Last week my goal was the following:

My Goal: Before work each day, exercise for 15 minutes at least 5 times, before my next WW meeting.

So, here I was, sitting at my WW meeting and thinking to myself.  Why do I stay at these meetings?  Why don’t I just weigh in and go home?  But it was too late now, so I stayed and listened.  Most weeks I tell myself, just keep quiet, let others speak.  But our WW leader invariably turns to me to engage me in group conversation.  She calls me the “mason jar expert”.  Funny lady.  But this week she was talking about goals again, but more specifically what we will do this week that’s different from last week.  So, I listened.  I heard the following people say what they did and what they wanted to do:

  1. Drink a glass of water before each meal (I like this one, I think my mom used to do this)
  2. Try a new physical activity, i.e. if you walk all the time, try bowling or Zumba
  3. Track your points
  4. Eat more fruits/vegetables
  5. Make time to go to the gym
  6. Get a buddy and do an activity together.

NOTE: for number 6, I leaned over to my friend Christina and said “I prefer to exercise on my own”.  Odd isn’t it?  Me?  The extrovert, the chatty one, the hugger …. but ask my family.  I like to exercise on my own.  I kick them out of the home-gym.  At work, when I go for my burst walk (15-20 min fast paced walk).  I look forward to putting on my ear buds and listening to music.  It’s “me” time.

So after listening to what people had to say, I thought about what would work for me.  I LOVE video games, OK, well right now, one in particular.  Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).  But it’s a time sucker.  By the end of the WW meeting, I had formed a plan of action:


Now, after telling my husband my plan, I realize that what I want to do isn’t exactly gamification, but it will work for me.

NEW Goal: this week I must exercise for 30 minutes (with at least 15 of that for cardio) before I can earn the “fit points” needed to play ESO.

Therefore, after dinner last night I headed to our basement gym.   With the help of my youngest son I completed my first level.

  • 5 Minutes – Kettle bell squats and arm lifts
  • 10 Minutes – Weight training i.e. butterfly, reverse sit-ups, arm curls
  • 15 Minutes – Elliptical, using a metronome to keep my pace

Then, I played ESO!  It was a good night.



“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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