Week 8 Mason Jar Salads

Repost: February 29, 2016

Week 8 started off kilter.  Normally I reserve Sundays for meal prep and while I knew in advance that most of my day was going to be spent at a Women’s Rock Your Biz function, I was stumped come prep time.  Luckily I had gone to the big box store on Saturday, so that left just a quick “outside” aisle shopping trip to the local grocery store.  I say “outside”, because every time I can do the outside aisle of the grocery store, I do an a little inner fist pump.

My plan was simple, I would grab two recipes from previous blog .  I chose ones that both I and my family would like.  The Chicken Fajita is always a success and I just love Greek salad, so I chose the Mediterranean as my non-meat option.

Here is my Week 8 Salad List

Week 8 Salads

Sadly, on my quick trip I did not include avocados.  But we improvised and substituted some orange peppers.  I might make this one again next week, just so that I can add the avocados.  As a concession I omitted chickpeas from half the Mediterranean salads (for my youngest son) and Black olives from half of the Chicken Fajita (for my husband), I made 8 of each, so we have a total of 16 salads for the week.

Update to my goal I set for myself on Thursday:

My Goal: Before work each day, exercise for 15 minutes at least 5 times, before my next WW meeting.

This is not working out as I originally thought.  It seems that I don’t like to wake up prior to my normal 5:30 am alarm.  So, I’m going for a walk this afternoon, at work, and will do this for the next four days.  I even brought the footwear with me.


Just so you know, it’s because of this blog that I am on week 8 of my journey, instead of curled up on my couch eating potato chips and watching T.V.  So thank you.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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