Time to try Crossfit

I’ve heard about Crossfit for a few years now, one of my son’s friends has been going for a long time and loves it.  Recently at work, several of my co-workers have begun crossfit and they really seem to like it.  I’ve been told that its addictive.  Well, if I could choose an addition, I guess I would choose one that helps me on my journey (sorry Moscato Wine, you do not help).  Lucky for me the studio I chose also has Yoga!  Yeah me!  

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I’m not ready to look left … yet

Repost: February 11, 2016

My husband and I walk on Wednesday nights, at an indoor track, while our son attends Air Cadets.  Last night, while walking, I caught my reflection in the window as we finished our lap, I averted my eyes and said to my husband “I’m not ready to look left … yet”.  He then looked too and we both agreed that we have to do more walking before we are comfortable with our “reflections”. Continue reading “I’m not ready to look left … yet”