back to school meal planning

Yes, mom and dad, students or anyone else heading back to school this September. It’s that time again! As a kid, I loved shopping for new school supplies, cloths, backpack and lunch box. I’m not sure how my mom (who had four of us) felt about that. But I do know, that as a parent of 2 boys, preparing lunches was my least favourite activity. Every chance I had to purchase pizza or hotdogs through the school, I took advantage of it. But what would happen if you had some time to plan?

Make ahead breakfast & salads
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Say it ain’t so …. summer? Almost gone? No …

I’m “that” person.  Who, you ask? I’m the one that doesn’t like Sunday’s because they sit so close to Monday.  But my feeling of doom doesn’t end there, nope.  It’s now the end of August and for me that means I’m already feeling like summer is over.  Usually this feeling will last for a couple of weeks.  A melancholy, that I’m sure exists because I feel like I’m “losing” something.  Of which I am.  The Sun. Cue song …..


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