My favourite Notebooks

an idea born from need

I was looking for somewhere to write down a new business idea that I had, I know this may sound ironic, but couldn’t find anything handy. I do realize that most people keep notes on their phones/computers/tablets, but wanted a pen & paper. That’s when I decided to create my own.

My first notebook from Amazon

The process

I watched videos, listened to podcasts, talked to friends, trial-and-error and finally I figured it out. I decided to make several notebooks to match different needs. You can find more information on the My Favourite Notebooks page by clicking the tab at the top of the page or by clicking this link.

coming soon

I have several new notebooks, geared towards Gaming i.e. My Favourite People are Gamers or in the USA it would be My Favorite People are Gamers.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”


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