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I promise I did post.  Well at least I thought I had.  It turns out I posted my husbands challenge as a Page, lesson learned.

Let me start with addressing how that challenge went, or rather didn’t for me (my story later).  My husband had moderate success, when he stuck to his plan, but otherwise his weight remained the same.  Here is a quote from Martin (my husband)

“I planned for a pound a day, hoped for ½ pound a day and at the end I lost about 10lb.  But, since this was over the holidays, I gained that back.  So, I’m where I was when I started.  Which I consider a success.  I’m doing it again, but with more moderate expectations.”

Holiday drive with husband
Going for a drive over the holidays with my husband.

Where I am today

So now what?  I had a conversation with a co-worker about why I haven’ t posted very much.  To be honest I said that “I had gained about 12lb over the holidays and really didn’t feel like I could or rather should be posting about my health journey when I really wasn’t on one”.  But she said that I should post (thanks Trish) because a lot of people are probably in the same boat and maybe it would help me to get back on track too. The holidays are always a struggle, but for some reason more so this year than last. I remember vividly doing so much planning around snacks and deserts that I maintained over the 2019 Christmas break. But this year was different. I think maybe I was just sad about not seeing all my family and this translated into snacking. A lot of sugary snacking.

My plan

I didn’t say “my new plan” because I know what works.  I know what is good for my body and for my sanity.  It’s planning.  Plan, plan and even more planning.  I started with looking at a monthly calendar and plotting in at the bottom of the sheet my most common and easy to make “Low carb” meals.  Then I looked at January and picked the week that I was going to fill out.  To make things easy for me I decided to make a large meal on Sunday and Monday, that way Tuesday thru Friday, we would have leftovers for dinner.  For lunch?  Even easier. 

Lunch Chicken Caesar (planning stage)

  • 4 chicken breasts cooked as per my usual recipe and placed in a container in the fridge (not cut up, or else they can get dry)
  • 4 heads of romaine, cleaned and placed in a Ziploc with wet paper towel (to keep crisp)
  • 1 lb. of bacon, pre cooked and placed in the fridge
Method: for four days we added to a bowl (and divided into two large portions):
  • a head of romaine, chopped it up. 
  • one chicken breast, sliced thin
  • ¼ of the bacon, chopped
  • 4 tbsp. parmesan
  • Renée’s Caesar Salad Dressing (not an affiliate link, I just love this dressing)

I don’t mind the same meal for several days in a row.  I find it easier to stay on track.  This left us with a day to have some dinner left overs or even make eggs if we wanted to.

The week looked like this, I don’t show breakfast or lunch as I don’t always have those meals:

Week 1Sausage w/ fried cabbage, mushrooms, and onionsLasagna with cheese noodles and meat sauce Sausage w/ fried cabbage, mushrooms, and onionsLasagna with cheese noodles and meat sauceSausage w/ fried cabbage, mushrooms, and onionsThai Konjac noodles with sautéed shrimp (see TikTok for video)Date night dinner Husbands choice

I know, boring to some.  But for me.  Simple and easy to follow.  I actually made two huge trays of Lasagna, so maybe that meal will showcase next month.  It was super delicious; I even made my own noodles. My original plan called for leftovers on Friday, but my girlfriend, Katie, asked me to make a recipe using Konjac Noodles and NAAM Thai sauce. So I did. Super easy, less than 10 minutes to make dinner and delicious too. here’s the TikTok video.

Time to move it

My husband came to me last week, at about 4pm and said “do you want to do a 10 minute leg workout with me?”.  My internal response was “NOOO” followed by “go away and leave me to wallow in my lethargic state”.  But what I actually said (and it surprised me too) was “sure”.  So began our daily 10 minute workouts.  My husband did start to try to layer on additional routines in a “this is what I’m going to do also”, but I let him know that I needed baby steps.  Let me get used to the 10 minutes a day first.  Just as a side note, for two days after the leg day I struggled to walk up and down the stairs. LOL.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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