Making Fish stew

Since beginning this journey to eat less carbs like potatoes, rice, pasta and flour (to name a few), I have stumbled my way around the grocery store aisles. Resetting the (almost 50yr old) brain on what foods to eat, can sometimes be a struggle. But last week I gained inspiration while walking through the seafood section of my grocery store. Fish. I wanted to make some sort of fish dish, but I did not want to bake, broil or fry the fish. I purchased the fish (frozen, since I wasn’t sure when I’d make this dish) and got online to figure out what to make.

Brazilian Fish Stew

The Recipe

It’s winter here, which in Canada means that it’s not July. So I decided to make as stew or chowder. But I wanted something with a bit of kick to it, to amp up the heat. I came across several photos of a dish called Brazilian Fish Stew (or soup). One specific recipe, over at Savory Tooth, caught my eye, it used the Instant Pot!!! It was almost perfect! I say almost, because I wanted some heat, so my only add to this already delicious recipe was a de-seeded jalapeno pepper, chopped fine and added with the other peppers. I did have to substitute vegetable broth, since I didn’t have fish broth on hand. This recipe made enough for five large bowls of stew/soup. I paired with muffins, using this recipe.

My progress

At this point, meaning since August, my husband and I have lost over 90 lbs. He loses a bit faster than me. I think, last check, he was down 47 lbs to my 44 lbs. I am trying to find a good full body photo to compare against last summer. SOON. I’m trying to convince my husband to put on the same cloths we wore in my About page photo.

My recommendation: Instant Pot

I know that I’m repeating myself, but you should really consider purchasing an Instant Pot. This is one small appliance that I get a ton of use out of. It still amazes me when I take out chicken that is not only perfectly cooked but doesn’t have that “dry” taste that slow cooker chicken sometimes has. With my new kitchen layout, I’m going to have a more permanent home for my favourite pot!

See below for a link to the Instant Pot that I purchased.

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