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Yes, mom and dad, students or anyone else heading back to school this September. It’s that time again! As a kid, I loved shopping for new school supplies, cloths, backpack and lunch box. I’m not sure how my mom (who had four of us) felt about that. But I do know, that as a parent of 2 boys, preparing lunches was my least favourite activity. Every chance I had to purchase pizza or hotdogs through the school, I took advantage of it. But what would happen if you had some time to plan?

Make ahead breakfast & salads

Mason Jar Salads

In the past three years I have posted about many ways to plan ahead and make weekday meals easier. Below I will provide links to some of my past posts that will go a long way in helping you prepare for your busy life.

Asian Sesame, Chopped Cobb & Loaded Tuna

Click here to see a post that featured three of my favourite salads, Asian Sesame, Chopped Cobb and Loaded Tuna.

Southwest Black Bean & Mediterranean

Click here to see the recipes for two really good salads: Southwest Black Bean and Mediterranean (also called Greek field salad). BONUS: VIDEO on this post.


Click here to view my most favourite mason jar salad. Roasted Vegetable. So tasty, served cold or warmed up.

Caesar Salad with a Video

Click here to watch me make a batch of Caesar Salads.

Caesar Salad

Make ahead Breakfast

Egg Bites

Click here for these delicious, weight watchers friendly, Keto and kid approved make-ahead-breakfast bites. Feel free to adjust the fillings, depending on dietary and picky eaters.

Mason Jar Omelettes

Click here to learn how to make omelettes in a jar.

Raspberry & Blueberry Parfaits

This is the last one I’ll direct you to, these are a huge favourite in our house. This recipe uses traditional granola, but I now make my own. Click here to see how to make these delicious treats!

My Recommendation: Mason Jar Reusable Lids & Wide mouth Jars

Well since I’ve been telling you all about these great hacks to get ready for school, it makes sense to tell you about the products that I use. I started out with the traditional jars and the metal lids, but gradually moved to these wide mouth styles. They are easier for preparing and eating meals. The Ball Wide Mouth Mouth Mason Jars and Ball Wide-Mouth Plastic Storage Caps are two that use.

Tip To make this successful

I would suggest that if you are making any of these for your kids, that you involve them in the process. For years, my boys joined me in the kitchen and assembly style, we prepared the mason jars. This was also a great way to ease them into this type of eating and they had a say in what went into the jars. If you like this post, I will look at another one that will highlight great ways to use the jars for snacks!

Also, if you don’t want to put chicken in the salad jars, don’t. Just add more vegetables.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time

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