Becoming my new normal

Nothing like a work trip to really test your strength to make healthy choices. Lots of coffee breaks with cookies, pasta lunches and evening events with carb laden appetizers like the all-you-can-eat Poutine Bar.

Poutine Bar


But we did it. Both my husband (Martin) and I made really great choices. Even at the event above, we chose items like smoked salmon, cheeses and vegetables. The entire week, we opted for really conscious decisions, even bringing some Fat Bombs with us to help with the snack cravings.

We found that going to restaurants is actually a bit like gameification. We look at the menu and work with our waiter/waitress to order the most delicious low carb options. The prize? Tasty food. We went out to a restaurant chain, were we ordered the chicken/steak fajitas with lettuce wraps. Martin’s not really used to eating lettuce wraps, I’ve done it at home a couple of times. But he was impressed with how filling the dinner was. SCORE!!

Steak and Chicken Fajitas on Lettuce Wraps

Pizza Dough

Speaking of score, I posted before about the cauliflower pizza that I made. It was really great. Especially nice to have an option on Pizza night that wasn’t full of carbs. BUT, then I tried the fat head posted by Wholesome Yum. WOW. I really like how thin I can make this crust. Not saying that I don’t still like the cauliflower one, it has great flavour. But I really like a thin and crispy crust.

Fathead pizza with almond flour (not incl. my toppings):
144 calories | 12g fat | 3g total carbs | 2g net carbs | 8g protein


We hear a lot of people say “well what about when you stop”, or “you can’t do it forever, what then” or my favourite “you’ll just gain the weight back”. That one refers to the fact that I’m down over 14lbs and Martin is down over 19lbs since August 4. I can’t predict the future. I wish. But I can say that I hope this path leads to a healthier me (and Martin). Maybe it becomes our new normal.

My Recommendation: Skechers

In order to keep us on the right path we’ve parked our car on the first night and we didn’t take it out again (until it was time to go). But that meant a TON of walking. My favourite shoe, ask anyone are Skechers. They feel like .. pillows on my feet. Also, when they get dirty, you can just throw them in the wash. Seriously. But my black ones had started to really fade (many years old) and it was time to get a new pair. Luckily I ordered them well before we left and they arrived in time for the trip. The Skechers Women’s GO Walk 4 – Propel Shoes are fantastic. I wore them most of the week and my feet feel great!!! I have heel spurs and these shoes provide a ton of support and comfort.

See below for a link to the shoes that I purchased.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time

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