Taco Tuesday, or anyday

Eating low carb can be a challenge but I’ve found that with a little creativity, I’m not missing the carb options so much. In fact, I searched for alternatives to corn tacos and found these delicious morsels.

Super easy to make, low carb and they taste great.

When I made these I had cheddar cheese but you could use another firm cheese or cheese blend, like Taco Cheese mix. When they come out of the oven they are hot, this is when you need to shape them (be careful of the heat). They firm up quickly and you can top them with your favourite fix-in’s. You could do traditional taco ground beef with lettuce, tomatoe and sour cream or create something new.

I followed the Shredded Mexican Chicken recipe from Holly’s site Taste and See. I didn’t change a thing. I paired this with Erin’s Instant Pot Cheesy Southwestern Lentils & Brown Rice (I know, a long name, but these were AWESOME!) from Platings & Pairings. Top with your favourite toppings and your good to go.

Know any great “hacks” for tricking out carbs? Let me know!


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