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One of the quickest meals to make in my family are sandwiches.  We love them.  Fresh bread, butter, mayo, deli meat and cheese.  Just to name one.  But in our house, we do it differently.  We can never leave it at just that.  Often playing with different breads, spices, cheeses and adding onions, roasted peppers or sauteed mushrooms. 

Today I made a sandwich for my husband and I had fun with it.  A grilled provolone cheese with crispy bacon, tomatoes, caramelized onions and harvest bread. (Sorry no pics, it was eaten pretty quickly).  BUT, I wanted to eat too and unfortunately, I am cutting down on my carbs.  So I made this:

Tomato Bacon Melts

Time to share

As I said, I’m trying to cut out as much carbs as I can and the results are great (when you stick to this plan).  Today I made these two similar and yet remarkably different lunch options.  My husband threw me for a loop however.  It seems that he too wants to eat more low carb meals.  I didn’t plan on that.  So he got the sandwiches and I got the Tomato Bacon Melts.  But next time I’ll make more of what I’m eating so I can share. 🙂

If you would like to try to make this, here’s what I did.

Tomato Bacon Melts – Recipe Card

Enjoy the week.


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