Say it ain’t so …. summer? Almost gone? No …

I’m “that” person.  Who, you ask? I’m the one that doesn’t like Sunday’s because they sit so close to Monday.  But my feeling of doom doesn’t end there, nope.  It’s now the end of August and for me that means I’m already feeling like summer is over.  Usually this feeling will last for a couple of weeks.  A melancholy, that I’m sure exists because I feel like I’m “losing” something.  Of which I am.  The Sun. Cue song …..


Still time for fun

I remember this feeling as a child, when you realize that you won’t be able to spend a Tuesday at the community pool or stay out late playing hide-n-seek with your friends.  But that feeling would disappear as the September long weekend grew close.  The excitement of going school shopping with my mom and sisters, picking out the “all-new-outfit” to wear on your first day and getting to see friends that had been gone all summer.  Maybe that’s what I’m sad about.  Not so much the end of Summer but the fact that Fall no longer holds the excitement it once did.  But wait, I know.  I’m going to the Hoedown this year.  That’s pretty cool.  A country music weekend! Friday night, The Road Hammers, the Hoedown Showdown finals and John Anderson (last years Showdown winner).  Then Saturday, Gord Bamford, Beverly Mahood and <insert drum roll> Blue Rodeo.  I feel better already!

Selling Hoedown Tickets

Back to school (not me)

So now what?  School is starting (we still have one child at home, although he doesn’t appreciate back-to-school-shopping) which means all new teachers to meet and expectations to be set.   It is also time to focus on losing the last of the vacation pounds (a couple of trips, one to the States and one to Ottawa) that have been showing up on my scale.  Intermittent fasting works for me, so that starts tomorrow.  And lastly, I need to spend time developing my super-secret-rock-your-world app. 


But today?  I cook.  This week’s salads are Caesar (my son’s favourite, as evidenced by the two empty jars on my counter) and Taco Beef, plus I made yogurt jars.  Sebastien starts school this week, so it’s time to amp up the number of salads I make. 

Taco Beef Salad
Caesar Salad

Enjoy the week.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”


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