Better than breakfast muffins

I’ve seen these mason jar omelettes but I’ve been hesitant to try them.  The idea of putting the jars in the oven just seemed odd to me.  But this weekend, while researching some recipes for Keto, I found one and had to try it.

Mason Jar Omelettes


The recipe, that I mostly followed, was from My Life Cookbook.  I really only changed it up a little bit, adding both a diced onion (with the peppers) and at the end topping them with some bacon I had already cooked up for another recipe.  Oh, and I topped half of them with some jalapenos, I love jalapenos.   I made 12 of these.  I figured both my husband and son would give them a try too.

I’m actually eating one right now, while I write this post, it took only 45 seconds to re-heat in the microwave.  Delicious and super easy to make.

I’ve made the muffins before, you can find that post here, and still really like those.  Anything that makes my life easier and allows me to eat the food that will get me where I want to be is always up for consideration.

Spring storm

This weekend started with a spring storm that knocked down our backyard fences.  We watched trees uproot, branches and roof tiles blowing down the streets.

Our backyard after the May 4th spring storm.


Spa day

Saturday was my own personal Spa day, thanks again Katie and Quinn at Timeless Harmony Salon and Spa.  Love the new colour on my nails (Lobster) and the new hair colour!  You guys rock!  Best spa experience.

An afternoon at the Spa


Battle of the Atlantic

The weekend ended watching my son and husband march in the Battle of the Atlantic.  My son is a P02 (Petty officer 2nd class) with the Sea Cadets and my husband is a Lieutenant (pronounced Left-tenant) with the Navy League Cadets.  You can find out the history of the battle here.

Battle of the Atlantic, Barrie Ontario

This weeks salad (only one since I was pretty tired after Sunday) is Asian.  Tons of veggies and roasted chicken.  Have a fantastic week!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time

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