I’m still here, just a bit quiet

But like some of you, I’ve been using my own blog to look up salad recipes and then logging off.  It started out because Christmas was getting close, then of course we had Christmas, followed by New Years.  This holiday is not without a lot of travel, to visit family (sometimes 6 hrs away) and friends.

New Years Eve with our Friends

A new year brings changes

Gift shopping, gift giving and receiving.  But let’s not forget about the food.  From the expected dinners of Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes to the copious amounts of sweets.

But just as the new year brings in the promise of a fresh start, hope and new beginnings, it can sometimes bring the inevitable news that a loved has passed.  My dad, Thomas Walter Butterwick, died on January 14, 2018 after losing his battle with cancer.  I learned, through all of this, that I didn’t know my dad that well.   People starting posting stories on Facebook, on the funeral website and even telling me in person at his funeral, tales of a man that now seems entirely different from the one that I knew.  Not in a bad way, just that he touched so many people, with his generosity and kindness.  He was always a quiet man, a private man, but it seems that he also led a very interesting life.  He will be missed.

Me and my dad at my sisters place in Cambridge, Ontario (1993)

I’m on my way out, to shop and then I’ll be prepping my salads, getting dinner ready and making sure we all have clean laundry for the week.  The stuff that we all do.  Because, I know it’s trite, but life does go on.  But just knowing a bit more about the man that was my father, makes me smile at his memory.

Enjoy the week.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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