Doing something different with the Chicken

I wanted to try a new salad this week, something less complicated, which is hard since I feel like you need to have a lot of ingredients to really get all the health benefits.  But after some searching I found Autumn, over at It’s Autumns Life.  I did a basic search for: Chicken Keto and up came this delicious looking salad.  So, I had to try it.

Keto friendly – Chicken Pesto Salad

Not perfect but I’ll keep trying

While I didn’t make it quite the same, the results were pretty good.  I wish I had the soft cheese balls but apparently due dates mean nothing once you open a container …. [insert long suffering sigh here].  So, I made due with Black Diamond mozzarella cheese.  Not bad.  Also, I had precooked my chicken the night before so I wasn’t able to marinate the chicken in pesto.  But I simply tossed the chicken with the basil pesto and that seemed to work.

There are some other recipes on Autumns site that I plan to try.  The Keto / Low Carb Dark Chocolate Mocha Bread and Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Syrup.  Looking forward to the fun in preparing these treats.

Enjoy the week.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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