Vacation 5lb (or maybe a bit more)

It’s not the freshman 15, because that would be better since that 15lb is added over a year of school.  But a vacation 5 is accumulated in a 2 weeks or less [insert sad face emoji]

But that said, the vacation was totally worth it.  Spending 9 days with my husband on an adventure that I have always wanted to experience, was spectacular.

Peggy’s Cove

I’ve been back for almost a week and getting back on the “eating healthy and getting fit” train has been a wee bit slow.  I’m getting the food part back in order, but the fitness part is taking longer than expected.  Next step, yoga.  This weekend is pretty busy so I’ll be scheduling my next sessions starting Monday.  I’m very excited about getting back to ANCHOR and especially to the awesome people that train there (not leaving out the trainers/instructors, since they too are pretty fantastic).

Also, I keep coming home, every day from work and asking my husband the same question: “have you figured out a plan for us to retire early”?  I think this is a leftover remnant from going on a vacation.

Enjoying a Canadian favourite (well except for Quebec). Me and my steeped tea.

I’ve spent years wanted this maritime trip.  I had always wanted to visit Nova Scotia.  So I did.  Plus Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.  HUGE bonus.  I got to go to Charlottetown, Bay of Fundy, Peggy’s Cove, lobster fishing and more.  That being said, I am planning for my next adventure.  Maybe the West coast this time.  I do love crab legs.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”


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