Stumble, but catch yourself and prevent the fall

Things are pretty much the same, well, the food is always changing as I find what works and what doesn’t.  But my path hasn’t diverted.  I’m still working towards improving my overall health, that involves increased physical activity and paying attention to what I’m eating.  I find, with me anyways, I eat great, completely on plan then, I slip a little.  With that slip, I tend to fall into some old patterns, this year, I’ve noticed that while I do slip, I don’t fall.  Instead, I acknowledge that the spoonful of Reeses Peanut Butter spread is FREAKIN’ delicious, but it’s not worth it to finish the entire jar in one sitting.  Believe me, I could do it. 

Our son left yesterday for 6 weeks of camp, he’s a Sea Cadet and taking the Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course.  He went on the bus (6:30am) with several cadets, from both Sea and Air cadets, that he already knows.  But I’m sure he’ll leave the summer with several new friends.  He sent us a text, about 5 hours after being on base, to tell us how great camp was.  Thankfully, he included a picture of the barracks and the “double rainbow” in the sky.

He’s pretty excited for this camp and what he hopes to get out of his time there.  We plan to visit him about half way through, take him off base and do a trip around Ottawa.  

Other than that, life pretty much continues as is, meaning I get meals prepped on my Sunday’s.  This week?  Chicken Bacon Caesar Salad, Asian Salad, yogurt parfaits and breakfast muffins.

Chicken Bacon Caesar Salad and Asian Salad
Vanilla Yogurt, wild blueberry and crunchy granola snack jars.

Bacon, mushrooms, asparagus and jalapeno cheddar cheese.

While my son is away at camp we’re going to plan a trip to the East Coast, I’ve never been past Quebec City, but this summer we hope to change that!  Oh, and by we, I mean just my husband and I, can you say “road trip”.  I’ll be looking for lots of tips for planning our trip.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”


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