Eating on plan, made easier with help from Linda

So, my biggest struggle the last couple of months has been coming up with something to eat.  Well, not only eat.  Plus it wouldn’t hurt if my family enjoyed the meals we were eating too.  They are not picky but we do love food.  The metabolic plan hasn’t been going very well the last couple of months i.e. no change on the scale.  I needed to find some way to keep my success on track.  Then I discovered Linda.  WOW, what a difference it makes to finally have a place to research recipes, plan my meals and come off like a star, all at the same time!

More about food in a moment, let me take some time to talk about fitness.  Earlier this month I joined Anchor Crossfit & Yoga in Keswick.  It’s been amazing.  If you had told me last year that I would be going to a crossfit studio, I wouldn’t have believed it.  For me, this has always represented hard core workout enthusiasts.  But here I am, a month in and really enjoying myself.  I am currently on a plan that allows me unlimited yoga, since you know I am a “new” addict.  But also to something they call house/blend.  This is an excerpt from their site (I know that I’ve shared this before, but just in case you missed my last post):

For someone new to fitness, this class really stretches your comfort zone but still manages to make you feel accomplished at the end of the workout.  I’ve been lucky enough to have great instructors, both Jordan and Ali are fantastic at both encouragement and their drive to see you be your best.  Following the Metcon is Slow Flow Yoga, and let me tell you, after the workout in the gym, you really need the yoga.  Shannon ensures that you pay special attention to the areas that you just worked on.  After my first class with Shannon, I stopped to talk to her on my way out, explaining that maybe I was in the wrong class since I was unable to perform all the positions.  She let me know that the class is for everyone of all levels and that I just needed to keep at it.  She didn’t expect me to stand on my head the first week (nah, I tried it this week though).  Needless to say, I try for two house/blends and two yoga sessions per week.  I’m feeling really good about myself and where I’m at.  The whole point of this blog was to allow myself to be on a journey, I’m doing just that.

The scale and I have come to a truce, of sorts, if I continue to eat better and workout, the scale will commit to lowering (slowly).  I had my first spot of good news last week, not on the scale, but when I fit into a pair of pants that I bought last year but were too small.  Small victories my friends.

Now, back to food.  Linda, oh Linda!  How you have saved my family from nights of grilled chicken with spinach.  I made two batches of this delicious recipe and my family LOVED it.

This is Linda’s picture, my family ate it so fast, no time to take my own photo, next time!!!

You can find the recipe here, it really was delicious!  Her site is great for those looking to reduce their carbohydrates, while keeping their food tasty!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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