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Whenever I’ve heard this before I’ve pictured my husband with a hammer in his hand or a mechanic under the hood of a car.  But I never thought that using my ultra-comfy mat for a hot yoga practice was a bad thing.  However my experience a couple of months ago, where I slid off my mat (yes slid, as in I was very sweaty) was my go-buy-a-hot-yoga-mat alarm.  I purchased my mat over a month ago at the Yoga Show, from B YOGA.

B Mat by B Yoga

This is from their site (I am doing this review on my own, I purchased the mat, it was not gifted):

B MAT Strong (6mm – 71″), Weight: 5.0lbs
B MAT® Strong offers superior cushioning for the yogi looking for more comfort and support. B MAT® Strong is perfect for those with a higher impact practice, such as Vinyasa, or for those who simply value extra comfort and cushioning during Savasana, Yin or other practices.



Once I got home, I propped the mat up against the banister where it has taken up residence.  Mocking me each time I walk by, softly weeping once it discovered it’s sedimentary existence and lastly, becoming a holder for other items discarded as you walk in the front door.  Poor mat.  You see, I stopped going to hot yoga after my one month trial because we don’t have the fee required for a membership in our budget.  I guess I should have thought of that before I purchased the mat, but I was on a yoga high.  You have no idea, until you try hot yoga how easily addictive the experience is.

Then last night, when I came home from work I made a decision to go to the cash walk-in night at Georgina Hot Yoga (now under new management).  I picked up my mat, unwrapped and opened it.  Unlike some reviews I read online, there really wasn’t much of an odor. Nina was guiding the practice last night and let me say, she did a little bit of butt kicking.  That or maybe it’s just that I haven’t been in a while.  Here’s my photo from afterwards, you can’t see it but I’m still sweating.

Me and my B Mat

Nina also gave me some pointers on my favourite position.  She’s pretty cool!  And in crazy good shape!  Go Nina . The mat was awesome.  I was completely stabilized, no loss of grip and best of all it’s really comfy.  How do can I prove it?  Well, I fell asleep once Nina started the class, I woke up in time for my favourite stretchy move (wiper blades). Oh and did you notice my fancy strap?  My husband, Martin, made it for me in like … 5 minutes.  A knot here, a knot there and he created a secure carry strap.  THANKS BABE!

See you next Wednesday Hot Yoga.  


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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