Better late, than never

Driving home from Sudbury, Ontario tonight, I thought to myself “is there anything at home that I can have for my lunch”.  Unfortunately, the answer was no.  I shop weekly so ensure that my salad ingredients are fresh and crisp.  That meant, when we arrived home at 8pm, after being away, that I dropped off my DH and off I went shopping.  But, two hours later, groceries purchased, puta away, cooked, chopped, diced and jarred.

All Done!  Super easy salads, Tossed Salad with Chicken & Hot Peppers and Asian Chicken

This was a busy weekend.  On Friday I was able to convince my

Selfie with my husband at the Yoga Show

DH to accompany me to the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show @The Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  

I was so impressed with all the vendors.  Everyone was so welcoming and really took the time to talk about their products.  I was able to purchase all the items I had been looking forward to buying at the show, including: my hot yoga mat by B Mat, straps, blocks and bolster.  Only a few more items to really bring my practice together.  Music and incense.  Not sure what I’m looking for quite yet.  I only know that I need these things to really bring me to the place that I need to be when practicing.  

Later on Friday we helped our son, Sebastien, gather everything he needed to pack for Seamanship camp.  That night we dropped him off, got stuck in the mud (I am not elaborating on that story right now, *sigh*) and eventually made it home.  Then at 10:30pm, I remembered that I was going to make squares to take to my sister-in-laws (SIL) house.  So, off to the kitchen to bake triple chocolate blondies (I will not be posting that recipe here, sadly there is absolutely no way to make these that enables them to in ANY way fit my food plan).  Saturday morning, after a rushed start, with too many last minute things to remember we were off to Sudbury to celebrate my husbands Aunt’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  1st stop, my SIL’s to visit with her and her family.  My SIL is blessed with two adorable twin girls that are absolutely adorable and a pleasure to be around.  2nd stop, the hotel to check in and get ready for the party.  3rd stop, pick up SIL and BIL, head to the hall and wait to surprise the Aunt & Uncle.  


They were indeed surprised and happy to have so much family around to celebrate their anniversary.  These two not only still love each other, but demonstrate it in so many ways, from holding hands to the way they speak to each other.  We enjoyed catching up with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends that we haven’t seen (or ever met) in a long time.  After dropping off my SIL and BIL we headed back to the hotel were we dropped off to sleep.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful.  We went around Sudbury and area, visiting more family before starting the 4hr drive home, which was clear and uneventful.  

Back to that moment when I realized that I still had to go grocery shopping.  I made my grocery list super quick when I got home, then off to the store.  I ran into my Katie from Timeless Harmony Salon and Spa at the grocery store, she too was surprised that I was going to make the salads.  But, as I said to her, I need to do this.  It gives me the control I need over what I eat.  Without that, I would be way off plan.  

We all know how I feel about planning! 🙂 


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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