When your sick, just be sick

I woke up yesterday morning expecting to get on the scale and either go up (a bit) or little to no change. This wasn’t because of some misguided, “I expect to see something disappointing, but hope that I don’t” kind of feeling.  This was based on a mid-week scale check (I know, it’s an addiction) and a silent run-down of my week.  Was I ever surprised.

So, why did I expect what I did?  Well let me tell you how my week went.

Friday – came home sick from work, ate chicken noodle soup with crackers for all my meals.

Saturday – still felt pretty crappy, but ate a salad for lunch, followed by Swiss Chalet for dinner. {{{sound of breaking tires}}} WHAT?  Swiss Chalet?  But …… {{{sputtering sounds}}} “you can’t eat that”.  Well, you would be interested to learn that Swiss Chalet offers a low carb option on their menu.  You can have the Rotisserie Chicken, no skin, and pair it up with your choice of fresh vegetable medley, sweet kernel corn, or a dressing-free garden salad.  Sounds great right?  Well, I’m sure it is.  But I had the quarter chicken dinner with fries and chalet sauce.  At least I tried.  Did I mention that I was sick?  Yup.  I barely got half of it finished.  Boxed the rest for Josh.

Sunday – more soup.

Monday – more soup but feeling better.  Got on the scale and it was the same as last Thursday.  No movement.  Well, that won’t do.  Going shopping, need “real” food.

Tue to Thur – on plan, eating “metabolically” i.e. sautéed baby bok choy with garlic and ginger, seasoned grilled (skinless) chicken breasts, beef stir fry ….

So on Thursday morning I got up and stood on the scale and was like … “no way”.  This is pretty much what I saw in the morning.

Yup.  That’s 4lb down from last week.  For a total loss since January 2nd of 12lb.  Now, as I said this blog is not about weight loss, but rather my journey to a healthier me.  I feel great.  I can see the changes, small ones, in my face.  Plus I get less winded climbing stairs.

I had a great conversation at the clinic about how enjoying a meal or drink with friends occasionally is good for you.  This change is not meant to make you miserable.  If you are not happy with how your life is going then you need to change it.  I wasn’t happy with were I was health wise, so my commitment, even when it includes Swiss Chalet or a glass of Moscato, remains firm.

If you have any great “green vegetable” recipes or low carb dishes that you enjoy, please send me the recipe.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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