Tweeking the mason jar salad

The difference, among many, between the metabolic clinic and weight watchers is that you need to book your next weigh in.  I was so used to WW that I didn’t even think to do that on my last visit.  So when Thursday rolled around (Jan 12th) I just assumed I would go weigh in.  But when I called, I was informed that I would need to book an appointment for next week.  So I figured, I would stick to Thursdays and booked it for last night, Jan 19th.  I apologize, that’s a lot of dates.  But the results were good, even if I did forget to book last week.

Going into the clinic is so simple:

  1. Check in with front desk
  2. Maybe wait a few minutes
  3. Follow a clinician to the room with the scale and step up (on the scale)
  4. After you get your print out, see below, you are then directed to an office to wait for the doctor
  5. Again, a very small wait time
  6. A doctor comes in, looks at your paperwork, asks if you have any questions and tells you he/she will see you next week.

I get that this may be different if you go up on the scale, or if there is little change on the scale.  But I suppose a 5lb loss means the doctor doesn’t feel that he/she needs to address any issues.

I did purchase the chocolate protein shake on my last visit, from the low carb store attached to the clinic, but since it was pretty disgusting, I’ve only had it twice.  The first time I doubled it up, making one for both my husband and I.  But I figured maybe I added too much water and ice, it was like drinking chocolate flavoured water.  But the second time I followed the instructions and was still left with a really runny chocolate mix.  On the flip side, while shopping at Costco, my husband noticed a sale on protein powder with 0 sugar and we were about to put it into our cart, when a guy came up to us and was like “that one taste really bad, there’s a really good tasting one, albeit a bit more pricey but really good.  It’s the cookie’s-n-cream flavoured one”.  So we took his advice and purchased that one.  I just haven’t had time to try it yet.  I’ll be doing that over the weekend.  When I do, I’ll post about it.

Now, on to mason jar salads.  If you notice, I had to change the way I make them, for now, to a much less colourful version.  This weeks salads: Steak with blue cheese crumble and Tuna salad are excellent.  I’m really making use of the apple sauce containers.

My girlfriend over at Timeless Harmony Salon & Spa has asked me to do a workshop on healthy on-the-go mason jar salads on February 12th as part of the Love Yourself day and I’m so excited.  I will be making two of my signature salads: Asian Sesame and Mediterranean.

This is going to be a great weekend, looking forward to some “pre-spring” cleaning.  Really.  I am.  Honest. Alright, maybe a wee bit of Fallout 4 too.  But only a few hours.  LOL


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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