A warm mason jar salad?

OK, so one thing I’m learning is that while it’s definitely a different way of eating, it’s not bad.  You really need to just be creative.  Or know someone that’s been through it, that can share their experience.   WAIT!  That’s me!  So, it’s time to roll out a new salad.  I was tossing the idea around, to try another week without chicken salads and I thought, “steak”.  We love steak.

This salad was so good.  Even better when you heat up the steak for about 20-30 seconds.  I had some mushrooms from my breakfast omelet prep and put a few into each salad.  Steak Salad with ranch dressing & crumbled Blue cheese.  I doubled up the applesauce containers on this one too.  Green peppers, onions, blue cheese crumble and greens, then 2 tablespoons low calorie ranch in one apple sauce container topped with grilled steak & sauteed mushrooms.

Grilled steak with sauteed mushrooms, ranch dressing and crumbled blue cheese.

I ate this today for lunch and it was really good.  I will be making this one again.  I realize that cheese is not on my “list” but this salad just wouldn’t be the same without the bite of blue.

My lunch today!

More coming this Thursday.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time

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