No New Years Resolutions

Nope, not going to make a list of resolutions, only to disappoint myself.  I’ve done this before, in fact, I sat down and thought of a few that I have made over the years and how it really turned out.

What is my year in review?  Well let’s see …

2016 – I realized that I needed to make some changes in my diet.  I really don’t like the word “diet” but it really means just what I eat.  I rarely ate salad and planned about 2 meals a week.  The rest the meals where last minute which usually meant either pasta or take out.

I found a great website, that spoke to the organization behind sustainable weight loss.  I was instantly in love with the idea of mason jar salads.  At first my salads were pretty standard and I started off making three different kinds.

By mid year I had reduced the type of salads I made each week to two and once in awhile I even made just one type.  My family let me know their favourites, as well as what they did and didn’t like in the salads.  Like how Sebastien didn’t like tomatoes in his Caesar salad, so I started using recycled apple sauce containers at the top of the mason jar to keep the dressing separate from the greens.

By year end I had incorporated exercise and even made it daily routine.  This worked really well, since it feels like I’m constantly adding layers to my journey.

Through out the year I had some struggles: managing the time needed to prepare the salads, sticking with the initial exercise attempts, changes in thyroid medicine and finally getting a new doctor.

So what do I have planned for 2017?  Funny that you ask that.  Ok, well you didn’t actually ask that, I’m really talking to my self at this point, plus a few lovely followers.  A bit of a change is going to occur in the next couple of weeks and months.  Have you heard of the Metabolic Clinic?  Or better yet, the Metabolic diet?  I liken it to Atkins meets Weight Watchers.  It’s a phased plan that supports a high protein low carb diet, combined with weekly weigh-ins/face-to-face doctor time.  There is no points, no meetings, less bacon than Atkins but overall it is a restrictive diet meant to rapidly decrease my BMI.  You need to be referred to the clinic by your doctor and the clinic reserves the right to remove you from the program if you aren’t committed.

So, today, I am reviewing the “allowed foods” and will attempt to create some breakfasts and lunches that fit the plan.  I will keep you updated.

Happy New Year!

At my neighbours celebrating with friends and of course my husband!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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