November Weigh In Day

It’s been a month, time to weigh in.  The results, while not what I would have wanted, are not too surprising.  But November is a month of changes.


So my doctor did call to lower my medication again, but decided to get another blood test first.  Now here is where I start taking a greater interest in my health.  It’s easy to sit by and let doctors tell you what to do, and for the most part, that is probably the best action to take.  But if you feel like something is wrong, then do something.  My whole family went to meet our new doctor this past Wednesday.  Time for a change.  You can see more on what I wrote about my medication here.

Total Weight Change: -0.8 lb

I’ve lost this month, albeit, not a huge amount or even really noticeable.  BUT here’s the best part, I didn’t gain.  For the month of October I did what I do.  I meal prepped my breakfast (or just took a banana and peanut butter) and my lunches, always mason jar salads.


The Plan
FOOD – meal planning (this is easy for breakfast/lunch) that will include better choices for dinners.
MOVEMENT – 30 minutes daily (haven’t done this on a weekend yet)

BACKGROUND– On Monday morning this week, October 31st, I started something.  I started moving at 5:50 am in the morning.  Who knew that that 5:50 existed with an “am” beside it.  So what am I doing?  Well, I roll out of bed, get into comfy cloths: yoga pants, workout bra, tank top, socks and running shoes.  All of these items are located right beside my bed.  No searching for something to wear, I lay everything out the night before, which makes this work for me.  Without waking anyone I make my way to the main floor, turn on my Keurig (to heat the water, although I should adjust the settings to automatically turn on) and then head to the basement.  My husband, Martin, has set everything up.  I turn on the TV, turn on the Xbox 360 (yes, I know, doing it old school) and hop on the tread mill.  I start walking right away.  Now here’s the really cool part.  My husband has rigged the Xbox controller to the treadmill.  This makes selecting the top 40 music videos from YouTube easy.  He’s pretty awesome!treadmill-and-xbox

Now, I know that this isn’t the only thing that will get me where I want to be.  But this is a journey, not a race.  And, let me tell you, I sweat.  It’s only 30 minutes, but I usually walk at a pace of 2.7 with no incline.  So I have options, next week I can increase the pace or add incline.  30 minutes works for me since that still gives me time to shower, dress, make tea, make my lunch, feed the dog, throw a load of laundry in the dryer …. and this is all before I “go-to-work”.

Have an amazing week!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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