Doing it on your own, isn’t the same, but it will do

A couple of years ago my friend Lina introduced me to Roasted Red Peppers and I was hooked.


No, the real ones, the kind you grill on the BBQ yourself.  Lina and I got together to roast many red peppers.  Well, her husband roasted them on the charcoal grill and we bagged them.  I ran out of my peppers in less than a year and in the time I’ve tried many jarred varieties with NO LUCK.  They all tasted watered down and they don’t have that “grilled-on-the-bbq” flavour.

So I decided to try roasting peppers on my own.  I don’t have a charcoal grill, so I knew they wouldn’t taste as authentic, but they had to be better than store bought.

First I grilled the peppers on my BBQ until they blackened and collapsed , this took about 20 minutes
The last time I did this we just bagged the peppers at they were but since it was just me and I had time, I de-seeded and removed the outer skin.
Making sure all seeds were removed, I placed them in freezer bags.

I ate a few right away and they were great, not awesome, but great.  I can’t wait to try these in my grilled vegetable salad.

Have an awesome week.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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