Small choices, big rewards

So this is just a check in before the long weekend (labour day).  Yesterday I needed some cash, so I stopped at a gas station convenience store and used their ATM.  But I always feel guilty if I don’t buy anything.  Kind of like, running into the coffee shop to use the washroom (even though I’m usually getting tea anyway).  So as I turned from the ATM my eyes fell on the available snacks!


I looked at the chips first, then the chocolate and beef jerky.  But for each item I looked at, I said to myself “is it worth it?”.  The answer was no.  Do you know how hard that was?  Come on, sour cream and onion chips, or a milk chocolate bar, or jalapeño beef jerky …. mmmmm.  But I left the store with none of these tasty offerings.  My need to buy something won out however and I left with a bottle of water.  While cashing out the lady was like “are you sure you don’t want a doughnut  to go?”  The store also doubled as a coffee shop.  *sigh*  No.  I did not get the doughnut .

I found this article, on Real Simple and it has some more great tips!

So be proud of yourself when you make the little choices, they add up and in the end will give you the results your working for.  Have a great weekend.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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