I missed having salad …. what? Did I just say that?

You got it!  I missed salad!  On Sunday I headed to another city, 5 hrs away to participate in a work conference for a few days.  I ate conference food (ugh) and had the pleasure of eating at some pretty great restaurants for dinner.  But I missed my lunch salad.  I missed knowing what I was eating.

Fajita Chicken Salad
Fajita Chicken Salad

We got home late on Tuesday night, with Hakka food for dinner.  After dinner we relaxed and talked to the boys about what they had done over the last couple of days with us.  I’m sure we were missed (um, not).  Then at bed-time I merrily drifted off into slumber.  Have I mentioned that I have little to no issues falling asleep?  None.  I love going to sleep.

6:00 AM – Panic set in.  Normally on work day mornings I stop the first of my three alarms.  Yes three.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  2. iPhone plugged into a docking station
  3. OnePlus 3

In that order.  So back to what I was saying, yes, when I wake up I start by shutting off each alarm as it goes off.  The staggered time in between allows me to wake up.  I usually spend this time planning my outfit and what I’ll take for lunch.  <<<<SKREEECH>>>> WAIT! What lunch?  I have no lunch.  BUT!!!!  I’m home.  At home I have salad.  Then I remembered, last night we had Hakka and just hung out.   Not that I have salad ingredients in the house, but still.  DARN!  So I improvised and poured Hot & Sour soup into one of my mason jars and vowed that I would stop on the way home to get stuff to make a few salads.  I ended up making the Fajita Chicken Salad, an easy and delicious one.

If you had asked me last year what my idea lunch at work would be and I probably would have responded with restaurant names: Tandoori Flame, Bombay Palace and anything dosa.  But now, I look forward to my salad, mostly because I know how good it is for me but also because I know that each salad I eat is a step on my journey that I want to take.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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