WW Membership is over but not my journey

Happy Fri-yay! (Some guy in Finance said that too me, so I’m going with it).  What will happen to me, now that my Weight Watchers membership is over?  Will I gain the weight back that I fought to lose?  Will I chuck the salads on Sundays and replace it with cheeseburgers and fries?

No.  I’ve come too far to do that to myself.  But what will I do?

Positive Changes

Continue to make positive changes that I can sustain
Monitor my success and learn from my … non-success (failure just sounds so depressing)
Keep blogging about all of it

So to start the process, I’ve decided that Friday mornings will be my weigh in day.  If that doesn’t work, for example if I “enjoy” myself too much on Friday night to Sunday morning, then I will push my weigh in day to Saturday.  I am in control of this.  How cool is that!

So this morning, I got on the scale and as you can see, I’ve gone up a couple of pounds since my last weigh in.  I discussed it here, but it’s also due to not weighing in.  To remedy that, I have taken my first “actual” weigh in on the scale picture. A big shout out to my person, Katie at Timeless Harmony Salon & Spa for the awesome colour on my nails!

Weigh In – July 15, 2017

It’s all about making changes that you can live with.  I often hear about a weigh to lose weight and I say to myself, “but would you want to do that for the rest of your life”?  If the answer is no, then it’s not going to work.

Weigh In Selfie – July 15, 2017

What small change can you make this week that will move you towards your goals?


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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