Playing a Video Game and getting steps

“Do not mock the serious Pokemon Hunters!” exclaimed my husband.   After reading a facebook post from a friend that thinks we’re funny.  Love her!

We just got back from bagging 28 Pokemon.  Yes, you read that correctly!


I had just gotten home after both going to work and  a Zumba class (thanks Eliza for the 4000 steps to my counter, I was now at 8,883 steps for the day) and my husband excitedly told me about this new ‘game’.

Step 1 – currently the game isn’t available in Canada, that is just a temporary roadblock.  We found a great (reputable) site and downloaded the ‘game’.  Then we were off on the hunt.

Step 2 – Coffee/tea, we needed to make a pitt-stop to fuel up.

Step 3 – hunt the elusive Pokemon.  We started by driving around our neighbourhood, but the Pokemon were popping up too fast and as we drove I couldn’t capture them.

Sadly, not a Pokemon, but pretty neat site to see on our walk.

So we parked the car and started walking … and capturing Pokemon …. and walking ….. and, well you get the picture.  When we finished, about 15 minutes ago, my step count was over 12,000 steps.  YAY!

Holding my counter and Martin’s phone (his phone doesn’t take good photo’s)

I also took a small video of one of our captures, check it out here.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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