It’s funny how we find people sometimes

I’m new to blogging.  Having only started this year and only purchased my domain because I won a bet (see here for that post) with my husband.

Road trip
My husband, Martin and I on an impromptu road trip last year!

 Blogging, for me, is divided into three parts:

  1. Writing about topics that interest me and that I think other people will find fun to read
  2. Figuring out WordPress, seriously, I need to do more research on courses to take, I’ve been in the technology field for sometime and I love learning new things, but so far Wordress is kicking my butt.
  3. Checking out other blogs, I do this almost daily. I’m always looking for how others write, make use of their blogs and to find inspiration.

Today I found someone exceptional, Brittany and she’s awesome.  How did I find her?  It started with checking Facebook, like we all do.  I saw a post by a friend that talked about Camp Throwback.  I wanted to find more information so I looked it up and followed a link on Youtube to an interview with Brittany.  I enjoyed the interview and decided to look her up.  And Voila!

The way she writes her blog makes you feel like she’s talking to you.  She’s real.  She’s funny. But most of all she’s honest.  I found myself both laughing and nodding in agreement when I read her: Cheers to Five Years post.  As for me in a bikini … to date, the only place I feel comfortable wearing any type of bathing suit is in foreign countries surrounded by people that don’t know me.  Well, that and a select few friends that I feel comfortable with (a shout-out to some close friends that I’ve traveled with, Katie & Rachel), oh and my husband who loves all of me.

Right now, my blog fits my life.  It’s about me and what I’m going through right this minute.

Bathing suit
Karenlee & Rachel in Punta Cana for Rachel’s Wedding. May 2016
karen and katie
Karenlee & Katie in Puerto Plata for vacation. May 2010


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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