All the small things add up

I find myself saying “I’m going to blog about this”, a lot.  Just last night, my husband and I went to a plaza to shop.  After exiting the first store, I said “I”m going to walk to the next one”.  My husband replied in mock horror “What?”.  But honestly, that is our lives.  We have gone to this plaza many times and yes, we will park in front of the first store and then drive further along the mall to to get to the next stores  This time however, I said I wanted to walk.  So we did.  It felt great.

Today, I put that theory into practice again.

Walking in Innisfil

At work, our operations building is very separate from our recreation facility.  I think  you can see it in the video I’m going to link you to.  Normally I would have driven over to the rec area, but again today (several times in fact), I walked back and forth.  On my last hike I took this small video.

So make a change, park further from entrances, walk when you can and smile while you do it.


Smiles are infectious!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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