What do you do without a good camera on your phone?

I’ve told most people this story, but perhaps not everyone.  As I mentioned last week, I was in Punta Cana (see my resort review here) and while on an excursion, my phone (Samsung S6 Edge) sustained water damage.  I had forgotten it was tucked in my life vest and I jumped into the ocean to snorkel.  It did turn on after being bagged in rice and soaked in Isorpopyl alcohol.  But the battery started to expand.  I’m currently waiting on a battery replacement, so fingers crossed.

Hand Drawn Salad
Hand Drawn Salad

I didn’t realize how dependent I was on that camera.  I have a replacement phone, an iPhone 5s, which is OK for basic functionality but the camera is not great.  If you go back two posts, you will see the difference between 8mp and 16mp.

Here is my Week 20 Salad List

After making my salads, I added a new one this week: Southwest Black Bean.  I grabbed my 5s and started taking pictures of the salads.  Here is the best picture.

Week 20 salads

So I had the bright idea to use my Sony DSL R, however the battery was dead so it had to be charged.  This picture will have to do.  Also, I wanted to re-post my video on how to make the salads, look for many more videos (once I fix my phone).

VideoChicken Fajita Mason Jar Salad

I had so much fun creating that video with my husband, plus it really showcases how easy these salads are to make.

Have a great week.


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