First new post with my domain

It would have been nice if I could have posted something like “OMG, I’m down 3 dress sizes”, which would be even more remarkable, since I don’t wear dresses.  But life is not like that.  Last month, I made a huge career decision.  Leaving a place that I had been with for over 15 yrs (collectively).  I changed not only my employer, but the industry I worked in.  I went from private sector to public sector.  Big changes.

Positive Changes

But I wasn’t sitting idle, doing nothing about my blog.  In fact, I was creating the page that you are now reading this entry from.  I’ve wanted my own domain from the start, but I made a deal with my husband.  I would promise to blog at least once a week for 3 months.  If I did that, then it would prove I was serious.  So I did that, and more.  But when the time came to actually purchase the domain, I realized there was so much research to be done.  Then, when I did chose my host company, next was actually setting up the blog.  So many themes to choose from.  I want my site to be clean and not cluttered so again, lots of research and watching Youtube videos.

That brings us to pretty much now.  I have my own site and I’ve transferred all my posts over here.  What’s different?  I am so excited.  I have menu options now!  I can put recipes together, more to come on that as I figure out the best way to design that section.  I can review items, not just food.  Best of all?  You can follow me!  I can say that I have “followers”.

Now on to this weeks weigh in.  I really wanted to skip this one especially.  I’ve missed two meetings in a row, I was in Dominican Republic with very special friends, Rachel and Jon, who got married.  Now, I’m sure that there was low fat Pina Colada’s and low carb fresh rolls, I just didn’t see them.

Week 21 weigh in

Up 2.4 lbs.  OK, I can take that.  I’m alright with knowing that I had a fantastic week and while I didn’t always make the healthiest decisions, I did make quite a few.

Next up?  As part of a work sponsored event, I am part of the GCC, Global Corporate Challenge, click here to learn more about it.  But what you need to know is that I’m on a team of 7 fellow employees competing against other teams (over 30,000 teams globally) to see how far we can “virtually” travel.  Our starting location is Rome.  Yesterday I logged over 12,000 steps.  Thanks to my husband for joining me at the indoor walking track. (see pic below, I added more steps afterwards).

Day 1 GCC

So, now that I have the food figured out, I’m starting my “get up and get moving” phase.

Enjoy the week and check back for more content.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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