Wise words from my friend kept me on track

Repost: March 30, 2016

Just because you get one flat tire doesn’t mean you slash the other three tires.  That’s what my friend Damali said to me a couple of months ago.  Then on Monday this week, I heard them as I was debating making salads this week.  My reasoning for not making the effort consisted of the following lame excuse: it’s already Monday and I’m not eating salad on Thursday/Friday this week (going out for good bye lunches, but that’s another story) so why bother.

It was late afternoon on Monday and I was tired, we had been gone for the weekend to my in-laws for Easter.  Which brings me to my second lame excuse, I had eaten quite well at my mother-in-laws house, shes a great cook and I always enjoy her cooking.  So I was in a rut thinking “well, I’ve already blown a couple days this week, why bother”.  Then I heard it “Just because you get one flat tire doesn’t mean you slash the other three tires”.  Sigh.  So, I grudgingly made my way to the grocery store.  I was only going to make one salad this week and even then, only 10 of them.  I purchased the ingredients for Chicken Fajita salad, you can see my previous posts for this recipe, but here is a picture.

Chicken Fajita

Once I got home, started preparing the salad, I began to feel better.  The routine of making the salads allowed me to feel like I had some control again.  Next week I’m going to try a salad that Damali suggested, one that includes black beans, corn and chicken.  Sounds yummy!

Now, on to the weighty matter.  This was my weigh in last week:


I got on the scale on Monday and it wasn’t friendly, again, another lame reason for not continuing my journey.  But, as I said earlier, the routine is what keeps me on track, so that being said “I’m OK with my week and I will continue to make the little changes that keep me motivated”.  Those changes include this blog and being able to shed light on the real struggles to get back to being healthy.  Not just food and weight loss, but finding what makes me smile and keep doing those things.  It’s now time for another “music” walk, I’m thinking “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammer.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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