What does embarrassment sound like?

Repost: February 4, 2016

or me, it sounds like a sigh, and not one of those cute “ahhhh”.  More like a “grrrrrr”.

So, as promised, I’m being honest here.  I went to my weekly weight watchers meeting.  After taking off my boots, coat and the required restroom visit, I stepped on the scale. I gained.

My first reaction?  Embarrassed.  I felt like I failed.  It also happens to be the week I added exercise to my journey.   So that’s disappointing.   Food wise,  I’ve been great.  I feel good too.  See below:


I won’t pretend that it’s OK and that I’ll do the mental shrug of indifference.   It doesn’t feel good.  What does that mean for this week?  I will plan my meals for the week.  I will continue the exercise and if next week I gain, then I will re-think my weekend wine.  A sacrifice, I know, but not this weekend.

This is my plan to succeed and to do so,  I need to keep looking at my plan and re-direct as necessary.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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