Week 5 Mason Jar Salads

Repost: February 8, 2016

Week 5 is here and so are two new salads (we kept the Asian one with a bit of a twist). My family is looking forward to the Chicken Caesar with Kale.  I’m up late today because it seems that my “plan” needs some tweaking.  For the last month, I wake up Sunday morning, play Xbox (Elder Scrolls Online, ESO) with my husband and together we prepare lunch.  At about 2ish, I start thinking of food preparation.  This includes meal planning (dinners, breakfasts-on-the-go, mason jar salads and more), shopping (several stores) and finally, actual food preparation.

Needless to say, this is not the way I want to spend my entire Sunday (3-11:30).  I had a moment, after I had been shopping for 3hrs, when I tried to negotiate with my husband “I can always make the salads tomorrow night, I’m tired”.  But he’d have none of that.  So off I went to wash, chop, slice, spiral (oh yeah, thanks to my friend Birgit, I got to try my new kitchen appliance … Spiral Slicer), rinse, drain, measure, pour …. you get the picture.

My plan for next week?  Have my meals planned and shopping list ready, no later than Friday.  Wake up Sunday morning and after breakfast, go shopping with my husband (more fun with a buddy).  Oh and one more thing, I haven’t purchased potato chips in a month.  Funny how my shopping habits have just changed and I didn’t even notice.

My Salad layer document for Week 5.  Maybe it’s not clear what this list is is mean to accomplish, so I’ll try my best to explain it.  With a clean and empty mason jar, start on the left and work your way right i.e. Chicken Caesar with Kale, put in the Caesar dressing, followed by  cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers … you get the picture.  At the bottom of the list is the measurement/prep breakdown.
Here is my Week 5 Salad List
Week 5 - Mason Jar Salads
“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”
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