I’m not ready to look left … yet

Repost: February 11, 2016

My husband and I walk on Wednesday nights, at an indoor track, while our son attends Air Cadets.  Last night, while walking, I caught my reflection in the window as we finished our lap, I averted my eyes and said to my husband “I’m not ready to look left … yet”.  He then looked too and we both agreed that we have to do more walking before we are comfortable with our “reflections”.

But writing this post, I realized that I don’t own a full length mirror.  Nope.  Not in the washroom, bedroom or hallways.  (note: there is one in the work-out-room, I avoid that one).  Odd.  I used to own a full length mirror.  Two in fact.  One sat proudly in my bedroom and the other in the hallway of my first apartment.   I remember the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin, of purposely catching my profile each time I walked by the mirrors.  Not in vanity, no, but just to make sure I looked alright.  If I had those mirrors in my house today, I’d likely walk around them or most likely, turn them around.

This is a fun article about How to become comfortable in your own skin.

I’m thinking of buying a full length mirror for my front hall.  One that I have to walk by, many times a day.  My husband would like that, he has no problems stopping in front of the mirror and complimenting his reflection!  Maybe he read the article above.



“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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