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Repost: April 11, 2016

It’s Sunday, which means food planning (mostly done on Friday), shopping, prepping and preparing.  And I love it!  I love everything about each aspect of my routine.

Week 14 Mason Jars

Planning: I use Microsoft word and create a new Mason Jar each week.  I normally grab last weeks and rename the file.  Also, I have a master file of all the salads I make so it’s a little like picking from a menu when I create the current week.  Then I paste them into this weeks menu and post it here.

Here is my Week 13 Salad List

Shopping: Now if I were honest, which I am going to be, I would say that I prefer to shop on my own.  With my medium steeped tea (2 milk, 1 sugar).  I like when my spouse or one of my sons come with me, but I’ve realized that I have to do things a certain way.  Like, I stick to the outside aisles of the store, I go to more than one store (not fun for most men), I stop frequently (and without notice) in the aisle to double check my list, I inspect every fruit/vegetable/meet item that I’m going to purchase and lastly, I just really like the alone time.

Prepping: This my friends is where I do like some help.  Peppers have to be chopped, cucumbers sliced, onions diced, chicken baked and diced, olives sliced in half, tomatoes washed, cheese shredded, celery chopped, bacon cooked and diced, beans rinsed …. and so much more.  I really love when my sons or my husband help with this part.  It’s also a great opportunity to talk to one another.  Nothing like crying over onions while telling your mom who you have a crush on.  I cherish these moments.

Preparing: The fun part.  However, this is also followed by clean up.  Which isn’t so fun, but must be done.  I love assembling the salads, you get to use your imagination and if you don’t have something, just substitute with something you and your family will eat.  Don’t like chickpeas?  Add more chicken.  Don’t like black olives?  Add artichokes.


Enjoy the week and check back for more recipes.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”


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